About Zack

Husband. Father. Leader. Adventurer.

Zack grew up in Louisiana without encountering wild alligators until he was an adult.

During his journey, Zack found a hunger to grow as a leader and discovered there were many others out there that had that same fire.

Since then, he’s developed many leaders to land the job they’ve always wanted or ended up at their dream locations. One of Zack’s greatest joys is seeing others hit their personal goals.

Today, Zack helps over 50,000 people across the US become the leaders that they were called to be. He also helps others across the globe reach their potential through the Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast and it’s resources.

You can reach Zack at zack@zackhudson.com

Zack enjoys helping leaders finding solutions to their talent and operation hurdles and does speaking engagements and seminars.

If you would like to work with Zack as a personal coach, speaker or consultant please reach out to him directly. 

What you may not know

  • Zack has made it to 39 of the 50 states so far.
  • He minored in jazz bass in college.
  • Zack once chest-bumped a whale shark.
  • His daughter lived in 5 cities by the time she was 5.
  • His family loves Disney more than just about anything.
  • He jumped out of a plane…with his mom.
  • Zack served in the military.
  • Pies are Zack’s weakness.
  • Zack survived running with the bulls and hang gliding.
  • He has appeared in movies and TV shows.

Other Places You Can Find Zack

Life’s too short to sit by idly. You can often find Zack hanging out at one of these places. 

Passing the Baton Resources & Podcast

Leaders of Atlanta Podcast

The Disney Runner