There is nothing like crossing the finish line…it is just an emotional thing to accomplish. 


Whew, we are almost to Christmas! I hope you get to celebrate Christmas this week and enjoy some time with those close to you. 

As we get closer to Christmas, we usually slow down a bit. We’ve pushed so hard in finishing up school, working hard at our jobs and preparing for Christmas Day with our family. It’s a lot!. Remember that this is still a very important time for your guests. We still have to be on our A game leading up to and even after Christmas.

If you are worn out, let me encourage you to hang in there. When I run for time, it’s usually towards the end that I’m worn out because I’ve been pushing harder than normal on the front half of the run. I mentally encourage myself to keep going. “You’ve worked so hard to get to this point just to give up now.” 


Remember the advice on being OK. 
We talked last year how “OK is the new poor.” That is still true. When I stay at a hotel and I think that it was just OK, I’m probably going to look for a better option next time. Think about when you go out and eat. When you leave the restaurant and you think that it was just OK, you probably won’t be back for a long time. OK really is the new poor. The other piece is that people talk and it only amplifies the negative touch that you have with a person. 


Take a few minutes for yourself. 
You likely need to take a few moments for yourself during this final push. Make sure you sneak away for a few minutes of alone time or enjoy some time where you can “turn off”. Go see a movie, have lunch with a friend or catch up on a favorite show. Just a little amount of time will help you stay charged in the final push.  You still need to take care of yourself during this busy time. 

Stay motivated, remember how letting up at the end can impact your guests and take a moment to recharge. 


Make a better tomorrow.