Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
-Arthur Ashe



Resources become more scarce and demand increases. We sometimes think that this is a new problem, but it’s actually been going on consistently since the industrial revolution. Leaders sometimes complain that they have fewer resources than ever before. This is not totally true; we likely have different resources than we had before. I was recently watching a piece set in the 70s and noticed that things took much longer to get accomplished. They may have had more time, but they didn’t have the technology. Resources change over time. Let’s look at some ways to maximize the resources we have today.


Use changing resources to your favor
Is there a new program, app or other technology that can help you and your team perform better? This category is continually changing and it’s important to stay current. Not many people would have thought 10 years ago that we would have a phone that would scan your face to work. As your time commitments increase make use of all the technology resources you have available to make things easier.


Become a student of learning workflows
If you work in an environment where you have peers doing the same job, observe them to see how efficient they are. It’s also good to observe workflows in areas outside of your own. How well do groups work in airports, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and retail? Would you change anything to make it better for the guest? What could you learn from what you observed and apply it back where you work?


Planning always helps in making sure you don’t overspend or overuse your resources. Winging it typically leads to a misuse of your resources and duplication of some of the work.


Good at the cost of quality/quantity
Leaders sometimes get too caught up in saving resources that they do so at the cost of the quality or quantity of their service or product. An overuse of this skill often comes from a deep desire to be efficient but it can cloud our judgment in how it affects other areas. Be careful not to go overboard in saving resources. Afterall, they are there for you to use in the first place.

Be good stewards of your resources and you’ll get the right attention from your employer and give your career a lift.

Make a better tomorrow.